Michal Zwierz is

Creator. Full of ideas, strategies, solutions.
Activator. Acts to start things in motion.
Maximizer. From great to excellent.
Entrepreneur. Solving problems, giving value.
Trainer. Sharing knowledge, helping people grow.
Human. Sensitive, aware, close to nature.
Husband, father, adventurer.

Why do I do this? (my mission)

I’m here to make you SHINE! Through Business & Personal Branding

Have you ever seen a passionate person? Someone who talks about great vision, exciting journey or speaks about the change that may happen if they succeed? Now picture that person. What can you see in her eyes? Can you see that light? Sparkling stars? How would you feel if you could feel that almost every time you wake up in the morning? I’d like to see that light in your eyes! And, how would you feel knowing that your team, your employees have the same light in their eyes? How would your business look like then? I believe, that behind every successful idea, every successful business and every successful change, there are people with shiny eyes. And it’s my job to wake that shine up and create millions of new stars!

What I’d like to achieve? (my vision)

To create the movement, where individuals can focus on their strengths and thrive with their talents. Create a platform where your clients are the only marketing and promotional asset that you need. To become a business angel, helping entrepreneurs not only with consultancy, advice and mentoring but also with financing, infrastructure and media reach. To do that I’m willing to put effort and focus on creating courses, systems and programs so they scale easily and prepare the whole bunch of STARS that support themselves on the way to the market. I see you and your friends running businesses or working with a team, building your career as you imagined. How would you like that vision come true?

University lecturer

I had a pleasure to do lectures and workshops to University of Warsaw, SWPS Univesity, SGH Warsaw and many more. On the subject of personal branding, motivation, entrepreneurship.

Startups Mentor

I had a pleasure to mentor startups during Warsaw Dragons Den, Startup Mashup & UPstarter. Working with them on strategy, branding and marketing foundation.

Keynote Speaker

I enjoy working with a big audience, sharing best practices, stories and inspiration. If you are planning your next event, consider inviting me as a business & personal branding expert.


I regularly run online and in-house training for individuals and corporate teams. We’re working on personal branding, communication, motivation and sales skills.

What are my clients opinions and references about our work?

I’m extremely grateful for every single client that trusted me. Everyone is different, everyone needs individual approach, but every time one of my client reaches his/her goals, it’s worth all the hard work!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

When you work in advertising the most valuable thing is creativity and innovative approach on projects matter. Michael has them both. Thumbs up from my side. Recommendation here.

Antoni Loskot

Photographer, Loskot

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Michael builds a great relationship and asks lots of great questions to get to know you and build a brand that is a perfect fit for yourself. He works super fast and his work is top top quality. Absolutely incredible logo visuals and planning for my business growth for the future.

Mark Stephen Pooler

Coach, Trainer, Briliance Speaker

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

I really appreciate the time spent on working with Michael. His attitude to the new project we started was always the same: LET’S do IT. He has god designing skills and always good ideas. He is a pro.

Jack Ryniecki

Client Service Director, GONG

1. Love

Does it come from love? Will it support ones that I love and me? Is it good? Those are the first questions that I ask myself when approaching a new problem or opportunity.

3. Excitement

Is it going to be exciting? Will I see more excitement in other people lives? Is it going to be fun? Will we both be happy with it? Will I see the sparkles of excitement in your eyes?

2. Freedom

Will it support my freedom? Will it help other people be more free and independent? Will it give me more choices in life? Those questions come to my mind just after love.

4. Growth

Will it help me grow? Will I help you grow with it? Is it going to make me braver? Wiser? More aware? Is it going to give me a new, useful or exciting skill? If yes, then let’s do it! :D

My teachers, clients & my inspiration

My clients are also my great inspiration! I am constantly learning, doing, testing and improving my approach in business and life.

Who is Michal Zwierz?

Created branding and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, L'Oreal, Holiday Inn. Helped over 150 celebrities and business owners to ten-fold their audience and influence globally. Speaker and trainer to European Universities and marketing events. His mission is "to make people and companies shine". Family man, father of two and grateful husband. Humble "student of life".

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