Do you know that there are people who can change the mindset of millions of people in one word, one video or one photo? We call them influencers. Do you know how to become such a person?

Influencer definitions

Influencer: Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. In consumer spending, members of a peer group or reference group act as influencers. In business to business (organizational) buying, internal employees (engineers, managers, purchasers) or external consultants act as influencers.
– Business Dictionary

Influencer: An influencer is a content creator with a social media following. Social media influencers develop a following by sharing quality content that inspires, entertains, informs, and connects them with their followers. Influencers start social conversations, drive engagement, and set trends amongst a receptive audience, which positions them to work with brands on sponsored content.
– Media Kix

Influencer: A person or group of people who possess greater than average advantage potential to influence due to attributions such as frequency of communication, personal persuasiveness or size of and centrality to a social network.
– Dan Schawbel

Influencer: I refer to the infuser as a person who has a great influence on how large groups of people think. This can be achieved by building a large community of loyal recipients or having a strong professional network and influence on a few key people who have built such communities, or who have control over them. So the influencer will be both a fashion blogger on an Instagram with 20 million fans and an anonymous entrepreneur who manages the media, information or a team of people.
– Michal Zwierz


How to become an influencer?

03a-INFLUENCER is someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave-1Regardless of the path chosen for the influencer’s status, you have to earn it. The most popular method is to create your profile on social media and create content attractive for a given target group. So the rule is simple. If you do something well or/and in an attractive way for the large group of people, you will start building your strong personal brand and a group of fans who will seriously consider your opinion and recommendations.

To become an influencer you have to give great value. But I do not mean here only “quality content” or “rich knowledge”, although that too. If what you do is part of these few areas:

  • entertainment – sports, humour, games, scandal, peeping, curiosity
  • information – news, education, experience, problem-solving
  • art – beauty, emotions, scandal
  • aspirations – dreams, success, desires
  • practicality – problem solving, facilitation,

And you do it well and long enough, reaching for more and more people, than this way, you become an influencer. We will start with social media influencer, but let’s look at a few other ways to influence the wide audience.


Social Media Influencer – the real power of the online community!

To become an influencer in social media, you must first ask yourself: Why? What do you want to achieve by building big communities on YouTube or Instagram? Write down all the reasons why you want to do this without grading or evaluating.

Once you know why you want to do it, now think about what you will do. Without looking at others, think if there is something that you are already doing or something you want to do on a daily basis. In this way, building a community will be a pleasure for you, not a job. Think about how to create your dream job, the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

For your inspiration bellow you have top 10 video categories on YouTube:

  1. Comedy – if you like jokes, can you joke and want to share it?
  2. Beauty – you like to take care of yourself, dress well, makeup.
  3. Games – this is trending sports category. People want to watch how you play and win.
  4. Tech – gadgets, equipment, reviews.
  5. Family – everything related to life in the family, relations, hacks, everyday struggles.
  6. Lifestyle – Have an interesting life? Show them.
  7. Fashion – we like to look, feel and watch the beauty.
  8. DIY – how to do it? Tutorials, guides.
  9. Travel – show beautiful places, hotels, interesting facts.
  10. Health and fitness – healthy appearance, nutrition, weight loss/gain.

In which category do you feel best? It is worth to start with a sub-niche, that is, from an even smaller segment of the market and mark your presence there. Then you need to learn the rules on a given platform, learn how to use it and generate valuable content for your recipients. In the future, I plan to accurately describe the way of building communities on specific platforms. Write in the comment from which I should start?

The biggest leverage in building a personal brand on social media are other influencers, money invested in promotion and your time and commitment to its development and traditional media.


Business Influencer – entrepreneurial star!

A growing group of ambitious entrepreneurs who first built their business and now share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.

By choosing this category, you probably already have a well-functioning business, or you share your path when building it. The biggest leverage will be for you a strong network of personal contacts, thanks to which there will be invitations to public speeches, invitations to conferences, workshops. By reporting on your journey and sharing your thoughts on social media, you’re heating an ever-growing audience that will become your fans and customers.

Who is your favourite business influencer?


Back-seat Influencer – they influence, but we don’t know it

This is a group of people who have a real, direct “top-down” influence on what is happening in politics and the economy. It is a group of politicians, business owners and investors who, taking care of relationships in a narrow, influential group, make decisions about the development of the company, the shape of the market or subsequent investments.

Video about how to become an influencer

Influencer – why it’s wort to be one?

Not everyone wants and not everyone should become an influencer. But if you like interacting with people, you like to create, you like to have influence, then if you focus on building big communities, or adequately strong connections in your network, then you’ll have more leverage. What do I mean by the lever?

Imagine that you want to help a group of people affected by a disease, you add a video on Facebook and half a million people decide to support you in this idea.

Imagine that you want people to dress better, add a photo of a beautiful jacket, which is bought by another 3,000 people after your post.

Imagine that you want to change the way the world acquires energy. You create a solution, and politicians and partners support you in implementation.

This is the strength of the personal brand. Thanks to this, you have more influence on the reality that surrounds you and you can shape the world for the better!

You are AWESOME!
I believe in YOU!