Every year we ask ourselves this question: What will be the next big thing? How can I predict the future and be ahead of the pack? Well, it’s always just a prediction, but there are some trends that you can spot if you look really closely. Below you’ll find ones that I think are worth watching in 2019.

1. Fewer ads, more valuable content!

And I do not even mean better product placement, only valuable, authentic value creation. Be it through products, through education or by solving problems. Have you ever heard about the Pocophone from Xiaomi? (search for it on YouTube) or Honor Magic 2 phone? (also search for it) you know what these companies did? They created a GREAT product, and then without expectations, pressures and suggestions, they sent him to a selected group of influencers. Thanks to that, each of them could discover this product, be amazed, share their opinion and … as of today Xiaomi is the SECOND largest producer of phones in the world. What’s the conclusion? Create good quality products and services, and then let people share their impressions – the effect will exceed your expectations many times and no budget will be able to “cover you”. Well, it’s not the end of “the ads” but there will be more and more budget to PROMOTE CONTENT and value, not to “just sell”.


2. Connect the virtual, online world with real human interaction.

On the one hand, we see how many brands and people build their brands, showing themselves online, creating content, advertising, websites and campaigns. We know the authors of YouTube channels, we know the podcast stars and Instagram and influencers. But there is something strong, magical in real-life meetings. In events, club meetings, summits. On the one hand, we have wide access to our favourite people and brands online, but on the other hand, people are social beings, thirsty for real, authentic contact and ties (hence the growing popularity of podcasts). So if you can, combine your online activities with an off-line presence that will give your fans and clients the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with you.


3. Value and authenticity in building a brand.

Nowadays it is very difficult to “hide” anything, and any attempt to pretend very soon will be exposed by careful observers. So it’s a waste of time and energy to build an “image” instead of focusing on what your company is for real, what keeps it going, what its mission is and how you and your team intend to accomplish this mission. The same applies to the personal brand – focus on who you are inside, truly, authentic and what value you can give and to whom. People (especially millennial generation and younger ones) have enough of fussing, pretending and covering themselves with masks. They want authentic solutions, authentic entertainment and authentic brands!


4. Personal Branding of CEO’s, managers and leaders

With the abundance of information that surrounds us today, if you do not show who you are, how you work, who you work with, and how cool your company is, then you can disappear under the surface of those who will do it. More and more important is who is behind the given company, what people work in it, what atmosphere there is. The recently popular term of employer branding would extend to the fact that every company consists of people, each of these people has been carefully selected from other applicants, each of these people brings value to your company, and therefore also to your clients. If you learn how to properly build your brand, your employees and your team, firstly: attract new talents, and secondly build trust capital from your clients. Does this make sense to you?


5. Influencer marketing – the leverage of built relationships

Marketing in cooperation with influencers will grow in strength. Why? Because as I wrote earlier, people are thirsty for authenticity and closer relationships. This is the evolution of social proof. If I met and liked a guy or a girl and I agree with their way of thinking, I feel that we could be good friends, then. When he or she tells me that something is good, something helped them, something worth trying, I would be happy to try it and if it turns out that this recommendation was honest, it builds trust capital, and influencer becomes the strongest point of promoting products and services for your company.


6. Voice services – smart speakers, podcasts, audio

The trend of podcasts and video services is now obvious. But those who will find out how to dominate the market of smart-speakers and automatic voice services will be the giants of the coming years. So here, in addition to creating voice content, running a broadcast or podcast, think in categories – how can Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri tell you about your product and service? Under what circumstances and how will your future client ask about you? What value do you give him in this way? This is now the “wild west”, those who will discover how to grab this field will become audio stars.


7. AI & Machine Learning in chatbots, e-commerce, help

In my opinion, we are entering the era where “classic marketing” is becoming more and more automated. It’s algorithms that learn about your client, his habits. Algorithms choose the best possible solution for him or her. In my opinion, the entire sales area, answering questions, promotions and marketing will shift towards artificial intelligence. What will remain for us is creating content, giving value, authentic connection. Although we are getting closer to the fact that artificial intelligence takes over the writing of articles, creating a video, or … ahhh … in my opinion we only have a few next years of carefree fun as those who have the control over everything and we’re entering the era, where machines will have to be negotiated, gently ;)


8. Video – live, stories, youtube, games, video 360

Video is still the king! And that’s because it’s the juiciest, full channel of communication. You can get “almost” the same as in real interaction. That’s why video creation, LIVE meetings and live streaming will grow in strength. Thanks to this, as recipients we have games, entertainment, consolation, problem-solving whenever we want! In my opinion, it will be a growing momentum to record and watch video content in the form of 360. Thanks to which the viewer will be able to visit a beautiful place with us, experience the game or sit in the training room during the lecture. Video 360 and virtual reality are the next logical step for video.


9. Privacy VS Surveillance

I look carefully at the ongoing negotiations that are taking place between companies and governments. Between people and applications. Between comfort and security. So nowadays more and more often we will be faced with the choice of conveniently giving our privacy, or you are choosing a bit rough security. There is marketing and product potential on both sides because on the one hand, you can learn a lot about your client, and on the other hand, you can provide products and services for people for whom privacy is important and needed. By learning the key values of your clients, you will easily find a way to give them value and solve their problems. That’s why the popularity of DuckDuckGo and the number of clients using VPN is growing, and at the same time virtually everyone, without much thought, accepts pop-ups asking for permission to process data. Right? ;)


Ok, so what’s next?

  • Build your personal brand – it’s one of the biggest assets you can build today.
  • Be helpful, authentic, visible – people are tired of “building an image”.
  • Create video and voice content – that’s the only thing that we have left ;)


PS. I believe in you! You are awesome!