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Questions & Answers

Is training recorded?

Webinar will be broadcasted LIVE and registered attendees will get access to the recording for the next 3 days, after this period webinar will be deleted and never restored again! So make sure to be there on time!

What if I have questions?

At the end of the training there is a Q&A module, where you can ask any questions and get answers. You can prepare your questions before the webinar and ask them at the end of the presentation.

What should I prepare?

Be in the room on time. Prepare some notepad and pen to make notes. Turn off all notifications and other tabs in your browser to get as much as possible from this live training webinar. And enjoy! :)

Who is Michael Beast?

Created branding and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, L'Oreal, Holiday Inn. Helped over 150 celebrities and business owners to ten-fold their audience and influence globally. Speaker and trainer to European Universities and marketing events. His mission is "to make people and companies shine". Family man, father of two and grateful husband. Humble "student of life".